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Don't let the slow-down of the past few years fool you, Salton City will continue it's phenomenal growth in the near future. Commercial projects such as: The Travertine Grill, El Doraldo Supermarket (Which boasts a 12000 sq ft market), a major fast food chain, a major hotel chain and a major gas station. There are two brand new commercial buildings with highway frontage which include tenants: Countrywide Home Loans, Prudential Realty, First American Title and a New Homes Center. The second building is in final completion stages and is already pre leased. With major tenants buying land in and around the area and commercial units continuing to be built it's only a matter of time before this area resumes the historic growth pace it set. Lots in this area are expected to increase to four times current value by 2013! DON'T MISS OUT!

This site should provide you with the necessary information required for you to make an intelligent decision about the properties found here. It is for your use to determine an entry level of interest in one or more of the current projects. It is deemed to be accurate but all statement are the buyers responsibility to verify. Should you require any additional information please feel free to contact me.




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